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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 


Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 

Tools used in this 


Plastic Opening Tools 


T6 Torx Screwdriver 


Your Hands 

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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 

Step 1 - Battery 

• Locate the silver button near the bottom of the back of 
your phone. 

• Press the button with one hand while sliding the back 
cover of the phone away from the antenna. 

• The back cover should slide off easily. 

Step 2 

• Insert the spudger near one corner of the battery 
(preferably one furthest from the phone's antenna). 

• With a firm grip, gently lift the end of your tool up. The 
battery should easily raise out of its place. 

• Now that the battery is easy to get a hold it, use your 
hands to take the battery out of the phone. 

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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 

Step 3 

• Note the metal connections on the phone, which are 
now exposed with the battery removed. 

• There are corresponding metal connectors on the 
replacement battery. 

• When you install the battery, be sure both connectors 
are matched up. Otherwise, your battery will be unable 
to supply power to your phone. 

Step 4 - Speaker 

• Use Spudger to remove rubber plug from upper left 
corner of the back of the phone 

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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 


• Using a Hex T6 screwdriver, remove the 4 screws 
holding the back plate of the phone in place 

Step 6 

• Using your hands, pull up on the back plate while 
pulling on the 3 side tabs to remove the back plate 

• Be careful when removing the back plate; 
don't put too much stress on the back plate 
or the plastic may snap 

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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 


• On the back casing, using a spudger, push into the 
headphone jack at an upward angle to pop it out 


• Using tweezers or your hands, pick out the semicircular 
plastic border between the speaker and headphone jack 

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Installing Motorola V276 Speaker 

Step 9 

• Using a spudger, remove the speaker 

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